South Padre Island is located due south of  North Padre island. With the various things to do in South Padre  island such as boating, fishing, surfing and diving, it is truly for the water enthusiast. If you are not interested in getting wet, your available activities there will be somewhat limited. South Padre was once a fishing village; now it is ranked as the one of the top beach destinations in the United States. Here are some of the popular things to do in South Padre Island.

Sea Turtles

The Sea Turtles Inc. was founded to protect all species of marine turtles. If you’re interested in seeing the turtles up close, this is the place to visit. Also, don’t miss your chance to see the turtles each spring as they are released back to the wild.

Isla Blanca Park

Isla Blanca Park is located on the southern side of  the island; it is home to some of the best beaches, boating, fishing and surfing in the area. Also, you will find various lodging and dining options too. If you are in the city, pay Isla Blanca a visit.

 Laguna Madre Nature Trail

It is said the best way to experience South Padre is to take a stroll along the Laguna Madre Nature Trail. This is a boardwalk that goes from the South Padre Island Convention Center to the Laguna Madre wetlands. For the bird watcher, is is a great place to observe more than 300 species of birds; this is a great place to see nature at its finest.

Dolphin Research and Sea Life Nature Center

If you plan to visit the Sea Turtles attraction, its only right to vist the Dolphin Research and Sea Life Nature Center too. Come face to face with more of South Padre’s marine animals. With touch friendly tanks and daily nature presentations on the dolphins, this attraction will educate visitors about the wildlife. This is one of the popular things to do in south Padre Island; when you are in the area stop by for a visit.

Things to do in South Padre Island (Schlitterbahn Beach Resort)

The Schlitterbahn Beach Resorts are some of the top water-parks in the United States.  The park in South Padre is located right on the beach; it has a variety of rides, water-slides and pools. In addition,  Schlitterbahn also has a hotel, sports bar, restaurant and entertainment in the evening during the summer season. This is among the more popular things to do in South Padre Island.

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