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China has built what is considered the worlds largest building; the New Century Global Center(CGC) opened for business in June 2013. At more than 18.5 million square feet, it is a vast curvy glass and steel structure, that even has its own artificial sunlight.
CGC is located in the city of Chengdu, there in the southwest province of Sichuan. Visitors will see it is home to various offices, five star hotels and a Mediterranean themed shopping village. This is the crown jewel of the recently developed area called the Tainfu New District.

In addition to the shopping mall, CGC houses a fourteen screen IMAX cinema, pirate ship, ice skating rink and a water park. Perhaps the most intriguing attraction is the beach; this attraction offers 1,300 feet of coastline that can accommodate up to 6,000 people; it also has the world’s largest artificial waves. Combine this with the LED display of sunrises & sunsets on the big screen (490 feet long by 130 feet tall), you will have an experience you wont soon forget.

This virtual city, under the management of Chengdu’s Exhibition & Travel Group, is designed with the ocean in mind. With all the attractions available in house,  consider a visit to experience this new wonder of the world.

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