English-Indian born Sheila Chandra is one of the most provocative and talented singers of the music world. From 1979 to 1981 she first gained attention when playing the role of Sudhamani Patel in the BBC drama “Grange Hill.”
Following her time as an actress, she and a few friends formed the group Monsoon. From this group would come one album Third Eye, released in 1982. This album produced the hit single ” Ever So Lonely,” which was number twelve on the UK charts.

After the success of Third Eye and as a result of a disagreement over the future of the band, Monsoon broke-up in 1982. The band members Steve Coe & Martin Smith decided to promote Chandra as a solo act on the Indipop Record label. Sheila would released a few albums during the 1980′s including: “Out of my Own,” “Quiet,” “The Struggle” and a re-release of “Third Eye” in 1983. In the 1990′s Sheila continued to release new albums such as “Roots and Wings,” “Weaving my Ancestors Voices,” and “MoonSung.”

Also during this time, Chandra decided to stage live performances for the first time. Utilizing the similarities found in Indian ragas & English folk music, she begun to merge some British, Irish and other vocal styles into her performances. Unfortunately, the vocal stress was to much; Sheila was forced to abandon live performances in the mid 1990′s and would not perform live until the 2000s.

In 2002, the band Jakatta released a remix of her original hit “Ever So Lonely.” It was number eight on the charts in the U.K. Also in the same year, she performed the song entitled “Breath of Life” with Howard Shore for the movie “Lord of the Rings the two Towers.” A short time later in 2007 she participated in Simon Emmerson‘s project, The Imagined Village; it was intended to produce modern folk music that is representative of modern multiculturalism, though the use of musicians from diverse backgrounds. For the album, Chandra would recorded two songs. Later during the fall of 2007, she appeared with “The Imagined Village” on a concert tour of England.

During March 2010, she released her first book titled “Banish Clutter Forever: How The Toothbrush Principle Will Change Your Life.” The book is designed to help home workers get better organized. Shelia Chandra is a respected vocalist, author and actress; Whatever direction she decides to go in next, I’m sure she will do it with style and grace.