Saint Maarten island is unique among the Caribbean destinations. Where else can you enjoy the Caribbean with an European twist. If you are looking for excitement or  to relax on one of the beaches, you are in the right place.

Saint Maarten island is located in the central Caribbean, 190 miles east of Puerto Rico near Anguilla;  its sister island is nearby Saba. St. Maarten (and St. Martin) has an area of thirty-seven square miles, with St Maarten occupying sixteen square miles on the southern part of the island. The main city there is Philipsburg, which at one time was an important  international commerce location. However, international trade still thrives thanks to its status as a leading duty-free port. The main airport here is Princess Juliana International airport, which provides direct service from various international and Caribbean locations including Europe, Canada and the United States.

Although St. Maartin is under the authority of  the Netherlands Antilles, its diversity and the strong influence of Caribbean traditions make its anything but Dutch. Also, this island is home to the largest lagoon in the Caribbean, Simpson Bay Lagoon. This Lagoon is home to a fleet of yachts, which are berthed or anchored in the sheltered waters. With some of the largest luxury yachts in the world anchored here, Saint Maarten island is the yachting center of the Caribbean.

Saint Maarten Island Summary

St. Maarten is a unique blend of  Caribbean and European culture. Geographically this area is blessed with rolling hills, great dive sites and miles of beaches.  Also, this island is know for its various attractions including an electric nightlife and casinos. In addition, its  accommodations, and dining are second to none. When you the traveler are looking for a destination in the Caribbean islands, remember boredom is not an option on Saint Maarten island.