Providenciales is located in the Turks and Caicos group, just south of the Bahama Islands. This island is a dive and water lovers paradise. There are many dive sites to choose from, some of the more popular are as follows:

Coral Gables: this dive site has a gentle slope up to the wall and sand chutes stop just below the top of the wall. Divers can choose their depth and the this site is home to large stacks of coral, home to grunts, snappers and groupers

Graceland: this site is know for the many indentations found on the wall here. Also divers here have the possibility of  seeing some reef sharks swimming in the depths close to the wall.

Grouper Hole: the mooring is next to a deep grotto and this site has  a large coral growth in the sand chute. This leads divers to a gradually sloping wall that levels out at roughly 90 feet. Expect to find various territorial species here including Barracuda, Tiger grouper and blue tangs.

Aquarium:  the wall found here is an overemphasized shaped spur and groove type formation with some sand chutes. These run along the reef to a depth of one-hundred feet. Also, you could see some schools of grunts and snapper.

Shark Hotel: the wall at this site starts at forty-five feet and drops to 80 feet. From here there is a plateau and from here you go into the abyss. Near the top you will see  snappers and goat fish swimming. As the name suggest, this is a good location to spot reef sharks.

Amphitheater: this dive site is known for the undercut found on the wall about 90 feet down. Also, there is a big orange elephant ear-shaped-sponge on the top with some black coral growth. When diving here, expect to see various types of marine life on the wall such as horse eye jack and lobsters.

Pinnacles: this dive site is possibly the most popular site in the Grace Bay area. Here you will find great examples of spur and groove formations. This is a great site to do deep or shallow diving. Also, this site has abundant marine life.

The Crack:  as the name implies, this area of the wall has a deep crack  from fifty to roughly one-hundred feet. It is here you will see various species of fish including  schools of snapper, yellow tail, and mahogany. Also, you will see a  black coral tree about half way down the crack.

The Hole in the Wall: this dive site is known for the crack that extends vertically from fifty-five feet to ninety-feet. Also, expect to find abundant marine life including  coral, lobsters and schooling fish.

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