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You have planned your vacation and now the big day has arrived. While traveling in another country, exercise caution, be alert to your surrounds and know where your belongings are. Here are a few suggestions & products to help keep you safe & secure during your travel.

Security Clothing

A money belt is a small, zippered bag that you wear around your waist, usually under your pants or dress. There are a number of designs available. Use one when you have anything that you don’t want lost or stolen.

If you are interested in security clothing, but aren’t interested in a money belt there are other options. A Sholdit allows you to be fashionable and secure simultaneously. The scarf has a zippered pocket that allows you to hide money, documents or a cellphone. Another way to secure your money or passports is the Zip It Gear’s Passport Security Socks. These socks have a zipped compartment with a nylon zipper, to avoid hassles with airport metal detectors

One last article of clothing that is growing in popularity are the products from Clever Travel Companion. They offer secured pockets in tank tops, underwear and t-shirts.

Stay Vigilant in Crowded Places

When in crowded areas stay clear of commotions. Keep in mind thieves can use a argument, fight or a spilled drink to distract and separate you from your belongings; when you notice a commotion beware. I am not saying travel in fear, but travel carefully.

Secure your bag

Thieves want to quickly separate you from your valuables. Even something as simple as looping a strap of your travel bag around your arm, leg, or chair can prevent a thief. Most want to move fast, having to unbuckle a strap will stop most thieves.

RFID Theft

Although your credit cards & passport are safely tucked away, thieves can still scan the imbedded RFID chip in your credit cards and passport. One way to prevent this is to use a RFID wallet. Instead of criminals scanning your cards and walking away, your information is now safe.

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