Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica and is the gateway to tourism there. This city is located in the mountainous northwestern part of the island near Sangster International Airport and is the hub of dining, shopping, and resorts there. Some popular attractions here include:

Bamboo Rafting on Martha Brae – Relax as you are guided down the river on a thirty foot Bamboo raft. As you enjoy your ride, your knowledgeable guide will enlighten you with details of the local folklore. Sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful lush tropical flora.

Rose Hall Great House – was the home of  the white witch of Rose hall, Annie Palmer. Although Annie Palmer has been dead for over 100 years, she still stirs memories as the mistress of the Rose Hall. She turned this magnificent plantation into a house of carnage. Countless slaves cursed her and fell prey to her torture, while all three of her husbands met death at her hands. The Great House is on a 6,600-acre plantation in the Montego Bay area.

Bird Sanctuary – Rocklands Feeding Station in Anchovy is only minutes away from Montego Bay; this excursion is a must for bird lovers and bird watchers. Also, feeding time is usually 4 o’clock each day.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course – is known as one of the best golf courses in Jamaica. The front nine of this eighteen hole course is at the water’s edge; it is a beautiful, historic and challenging course. If you are in search of a good golfing destination, you have found it. Cinnamon Hill is located on the outskirts of  Monetgo Bay.

Montego Bay undersea tour –  It is like a submarine, but its an air conditioned boat. The Coral See has underwater viewing compartment six feet underwater. Sit in comfort and view the wonders of the Montego Bay waters. Visitors here will see many species of fish, stingrays and turtles.

Rocky Point Stables at Half Moon – is the place to go for exciting equestrian activities which includes riding lessons and trail rides through Jamaican countryside. Experienced guides and great horses await you. In addition, polo lessons and carriage rides are available too.