Grand Turk is located in the Turks and Caicos group, just southern tip of the Bahama Islands. This island has more than twenty-two moored sites in the Columbus National Marine Park. Since the wall is only a quarter mile off shore, boat rides take less than 15 minutes. The walls are known for their diversity of corals and its plunge down to more than 6000 feet. Some of the dive sites are as follows:

Aquarium: is the northern most site in the Columbus National Park. This site  is known for its healthy soft corals and  the starting depth is 50 feet.  Also, being this far north, this site will have occasional light to moderate current and rarely will the current can be strong. The fish and marine life is usually quite abundant here.

Rolling Hills: is also in northern Grand Turk. Its depth starts at  30 feet  with sheer vertical walls. Like Aquarium, this site has  lush soft coral too. Light currents rarely affect the dives here.

Gorgonian Wall: the depth starts at 35 feet. Like the sites to the north, this site has lush soft coral too. During a good dive you will see a variety of  marine life.

McDonalds: this site starting depth is 30 feet and the depth slopes to 45 feet as you approach the wall. Once you approach the wall, you find yourself over the cobalt blue of the deep sea.

Amphitheater: this site’s depth starts at 30 feet. Following the sandy bottom you will see a wall that descends from 35 feet to roughly 50 feet. The wall will be covered in coral.

Finbars Reef: this dive site starts at 35 feet. It has a sloping back reef to the wall and is slightly broken up. This is a good site for deep or shallow dives.

Black Forest: this site starts at 35 feet. it is unique in as there is an undercut section which creates a shadow. This shadow tricks the  black coral into thinking it is at a deeper depth. Because of its sensitivity to light, it is usually found at depths greater than 150 feet. In addition, there are some nice sponge growths here. Also, if you are lucky you may see some octopus nearby.

 Anchor: There is an old eight foot long anchor on top of the wall at 35 feet. The anchor is estimated to be 100 years old and is to be from the era of the  British warships of the Royal Navy. This anchor and dive site is definitely something worth seeing.

Library: is so named because it is in front of  the Victoria Public Library. This is also one of the shallowest start depths at 25 feet. A crevice leads you over the wall and you end up on a shelf at 35 feet. Not as impressive in the soft coral department but it has breath-taking Orange cup corals that bloom at night.

Coral Gardens: this is a site known for its lush coral bed and it has a starting depth of 30 feet. Coral Gardens offers good photo opportunities and  makes a good night adventure too.



Coral Canyon: This site is like the  Coral Gardens site in as there is little sand in back reef. Hear you will find giant coral heads and this site has a starting depth of 40 feet  before going into the abyss.

Chief Ministers: this location is close to the southern end of the island. It begins at thirty feet and there are rarely currents found here. If you do experience currents, they will usually be in a northern direction.

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