One popular attraction in Singapore is the Chinese Gardens. This park, also known as the Jurong Gardens, is located in Jurong East, Singapore next to the Chinese Garden MRT Station. Built by a Taiwanese architect, the idea for this 13 hectares garden is based on Chinese gardening art and modeled after the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture.

Lion Gates of the Chinese Gardens

It is believed by the Chinese that the lion is the animal representing authority. There are two marble lions at the gates of the Chinese Gardens. These guardians are sculptured from Taiwan-imported marble.

Chinese Gardens, Bridge

In the Chinese gardens, bridges play an important  role. The Pai Hung Chiao Bridge in the Garden, uses the same architectural style as the 17-Arch Bridge in the Summer Palace of Peking, China. Although the bridge at the Singapore Garden is shorter, it still maintains the magnificence in architectural design and is an important pathway connecting the Chinese Garden to the nearby Japanese Garden.

 Main Arch Building

The main arch building is a popular structure and is a great location for taking pictures. Inside the main arch building, there are two courtyards “Early Spring Courtyard” and “Garden Courtyard.”  Also, there is a fishpond in the center, which is called the “Fishes Paradise.”

Bonsai Garden

The  Bonsai Garden opened in 1992. This garden consist of over 2,000 bonsais imported from China. In addition.  this 5,800-square-metre garden has Suzhon style buildings, with a main hall of 50 square metres. With ongoing improvements, this is a must see attraction.

 Stone Boat and Tea House

One high-profile and popular structure is the Stone Boat structure. This  architectural beauty is treated as fine art, that has been praised by tourist  throughout the world. The style of the Stone Boat is based on the Peking style of architecture. However, there were some adaptations in the design, which produced a more beautiful building.

Chinese Garden’s Pagoda

In ancient times, the pagoda, was a simple tower located beside a temple, that was used  by Buddhist for  the storage of human bones. Later, with improvements in architectural design incorporated with the traditional art of building, the pagoda was made into a structure of architectural beauty. When visiting this area, be sure to take time to explore this structure.

Garden of Abundance

The Garden of Abundance is the newest member of the Chinese Gardens. Formally known as the  Zodiac and Pomegranate Garden, this attraction  consists of one-hundred-year-old pomegranate trees, twelve Chinese Zodiac sculptures, a sundial and plantings of materials, which has the meaning of a long, abundant and fulfilling life.

You Yuan Buffet & Seafood Restaurant

You Yuan Buffet & Seafood Restaurant serves all kinds of seafood including southern & northern Chinese foods; with the new boardwalk area, diners can sit under the stars. In addition, there is dancing  & karaoke set against the back drop of a  classy traditional Chinese theme.

Turtle and Tortoise Museum

The Turtle and Tortoise Museum is a place to see more than one-thousand tortoises & turtles of more than fifty different species. Some of the turtles kept there are among the rarest on the planet.