Best Hawaiian Beaches

Whether its sun, sand or surf you desire, the Hawaiian Islands are known throughout the world for their beautiful beaches. Some imagine luxury hotels & lively crowds, while others think of tropical beauty on a secluded beach. Although many of the beaches are easy to reach, some require a helicopter or [...]

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Best Beaches in Texas

When travelers think of great beaches in the United States, chances are they think of the east or west coast. Texas has a number of beaches on its southeastern border. With more than six-hundred miles of shoreline, there is no shortage of places for the beach-enthusiast. Featuring swimming, surfing and kayaking, [...]

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Best Beaches in Canada

When you think of a beach, you probably think of somewhere far away such as French Polynesia, the Caribbean or the Hawaiian Islands. One of Canada's little secrets is that it is full of beaches. With more than 124,000 miles of coastline, Canada has more coastline than any other country in [...]

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Canadian Islands – Where to visit in Canada

From the arctic islands to the freshwater archipelagos, Canada has a variety of islands to choose from. With the diverse selection of tourist attractions & activities, you will find something you enjoy. The islands have landscapes that include forest, beaches and rocky coastlines, while the uninhabited islands may serve as wildlife [...]

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Best Places to visit in Canada

With its vibrant cities and breath-taking scenery, Canada is one of the popular travel destinations in North American. This is a vast country with mountains, beautiful coastlines and Arctic tundra. From coast to coast, Canada is home to culturally diverse cities and incredible natural wonders. For the visitor in western Canada, [...]

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