With its special blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, its easy to see why Burlington attracts millions of visitors each year. Burlington is the largest city in the state of Vermont. This lakeside city faces lake Champlain to the west, which marks the boundary between the states of New York & Vermont. In addition, the Canadian border is only forty-five miles away; which gives the city of Montreal as much influence on this city as the nearby city of Boston.  With all the attractions there, this is an great place to relax or have some fun.

Church Street Marketplace

The Church Street Marketplace is a popular place to visit. Come explore the shops or find a seat in one of the open cafes and watch the street performers. Although most shops open around 10am, check the Church Street website for current information.


If you desire to spend time with your loved one in a beautiful place consider visiting the Waterfront. This place is close to Main Street there in Burlington. Come explore the local ecosystem at the ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center or take a ride on the local bike path.

Shelburne Museum

With close to forty buildings, on forty-five acres, The Shelburne Museum has much on display. With everthing from quilts to vintage toys and a railroad station, this place has a little bit of everything.  Filled with various exhibits,  there is even a collection of impressionist style paintings, including some works of Degas, Manet and Monet. Located fifteen minutes south of downtown Burlington, the museum is open from mid-May to October. This is a must see when you are in the area.

ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center

Located in the Waterfront neighborhood is the ECHO Lake Aquarium. This attraction is a popular for young children and is a hands-on marine focused museum. The ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center is open year-round from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 Magic Hat Brewing

Magic Hat Brewing is one of Burlington’s most popular factory tours. For the twenty-one and older crowd, this is a must-see place. Upon entering the facility, visitors will notice a  Victorian-Gothic theme that makes it one of the most unique breweries around. When your tour day arrives, be sure to have a designated driver.  Visitors will find a fully stocked bar waiting for them, limitless free tastings of the featured beers. Guided tours are available year around in the afternoons, but you can always take a self-guided tour during business hours.

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

As a member of the League of Historic American Theaters,  the Flynn Center is the largest Historic Performing Arts Center in the Boston area. The main stage has a seating capacity of 1450, making it one of the largest in all of New England. This theater hosting more than three-hundred events a year. In addition, it is also a major venue for the annual ten day Burlington Discover Jazz Festival which is held each June.

  Green Mountain Audubon

Located thirty minutes south of Burlington is the Green Mountain Audubon Center. For the bird watcher, this is a must see attraction. In Green Mountain’s two-hundred plus acres, you will find various habitats full of wildlife. In addition, you will find five miles of nature trails too. On your first visit, it is recommend that you get a map from the education center.