Travel tips help to maximize your time and money spent in preparation for your extended travel. For this article, I have listed some travel tips to help ensure you will have a safe, organized, and enjoyable trip.

Booking a Flight

With the shifting prices, booking a flight can be a frustrating task. When planning a trip, always try to book your flight months in advance. Also, to get the best price, try to check between hours of midnight and 1am. In addition, when selecting a seat, try to select an isle or window seat. Considering this travel tip can be the difference between a good or ruined trip.

Travel Insurance

Is for emergencies such as illness and loss of luggage; it is also for the unexpected such as cost of non-refundable travel expenses and reimbursement for delays or cancellations. Depending on the insurance carrier, some other services that may be provided include: emergency cash transfer and lost passport assistance. When booking your flight please consider this travel tip; then contact your insurance provider or travel agent for your insurance needs.

Personal Comfort

To get the maximum enjoyment while Traveling, here are some travel tips for comfort:

  • Eye mask & Ear Plugs – For sleeping on plane or a Layover
  • Chewing Gum – To help with pressure changes in ears during takeoff and landing
  • Headphones – Are good to have if you don’t care to use the cheap ones used by airlines
  • Snacks – Are good to have if you don’t care for what the airlines serves for one or more meals
  • Wet Wipes – The air in the cabin can be dry; wipes can help to moisten your skin when needed
  • Magazines – Current reading on a topic you enjoy is a good way to pass the time
  • Wear layered comfortable clothing; based on the temperature in the cabin, you may need to add or remove clothing; also, depending on the part of the world you are flying over, the cabin can get cooler.

Pre-Trip Considerations

Some travel tips to consider before your trip includes:

  • Contact your Bank let them know what country you are visiting so your card wont get turned off
  • Visit your bank and get crisp U.S. Dollars some countries wont accept dollars that are torn or worn
  • If you are driving to airport consider per-paying and reserve a parking spot during peak travel seasons
  • Take a jacket with you; when flying at 30,000 feet outside air temperature can drop to -65 degrees
  • The night before leaving place medications and vitamins next to your luggage, so they aren’t forgotten
  • Never pack your bags in a hurry; start packing a few days before your departure.
  • Mark your checked bag with a unique tag that is easy to spot. Also place an ID tag inside the bag
  • Check your bags to be sure they are in compliance with the airlines baggage allowances
  • Visit the TSA website for the current listing of prohibited items
  • Arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight to allow check in time
  • Purchase a TSA approved lock for your checked luggage
  • Be sure your Passport is not expired or with in six months of expiration
  • Purchase a Passport holder to secure your documents.
  • In the days leading to your departure, monitor the weather in your departure and destination cities
  • In the days leading to your departure, check for flight cancellations
  • Don’t keep your money, credit cards and documents in one place; The airports and tourist attractions of the world have their share of pick pockets. Always keep your travel documents, money and credit cards in two separate secure places NOT in your back pocket.

Travel Tips for airport security

can make the difference between a pleasant flight or a ruined one. On the day before you depart, be sure to leave all prohibited items at home. Also be mindful of the following travel tips:

  • If you need a belt, get one that is airline friendly
  • For the ladies choose undergarments without metal.
  • Wear shoes that are easy to remove and slip-on
  • After you arrive at the airport, please place all metal in your pockets into your carry on.

After Check in Travel Tips

After passing security, some dos and don’s travel tips are as follows:

  • Do Change your Position every two to three hours, try to get up and walk and stretch your arms.
  • Do drink lots of water the air in the cabin can be pretty dry
  • Don’t leave your bags unattended when waiting to board or while in layover
  • Don’t watch the clock; watching the clock makes the flight seem longer

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